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Mechanical Entrepreneurs: Mechpreneurs. A Journey of our Startup!!!

We started as Team Prixx in Robotics sector, in Combat Robotics with our College team OLYMPIANS, with whom we managed to Achieve National as well as International Robotics Events. While pursuing our passion we came across some problems faced by our Indian Roboteers in the manufacturing sector and encountered some fraudulent organisations who were charging massive amount for production of robots and the quality was also compromised.

As being one of the Top best team of India, we were asked to introduce some entity to overcome such fradule organisations and we managed that With help of PRIXX WORKS, and from there we saw same issues faced in Industrial level and also bought solutions to overcome them and finally in in 2019 we started manufacturing with our best portfolio in December 2020 when our 1st International Order of Combat Robot was shipped to Mexico and 10+ order in all over India were shipped being one of the 1st start up with MISSION of Empowering the Manufacturing sector in Metal Industry and 3D Printing sector With VISION to guide and bring technology advancements with our innovative ideas.

We finally entered as Startup in January 2021 for our Industrial Orders and enrolling with manufacturer.


Our Journey started as helping our Indian Robotics Community new Comers as passion, but now pursuing it as our Successful startup PRIXX WORKS which is suggested and is in everyone top suggestions list of Indian robotics Community. With our team from Mechanical Engineering and Management background helps us grow fast as Mechpreneurs in the Manufacturing industry.

Look for Article on PRIXX WORKS by Robotics India.

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